Benchmarking in Outsourcing: Keys to Driving Long-Term Value

Benchmarking in outsourcing has experienced significant change in its relatively brief history. It has evolved from a single-focused pricing comparison (that some would say was used solely to beat up on providers) into a richer, broader array of tools that both buyers and providers can use to improve the outsourcing process, the relationship, and ultimately the outcomes. Selecting the right benchmarking tools is vital, but the benefits are almost infinite. The original intent of benchmarking in outsourcing, and still one of its many uses, was predominantly to identify and manage price drift over the course of an outsourcing contract, particularly ...

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  • Alleli Aspili

    Benchmarking is actually done anywhere in the business world. It isn’t surprising to learn how outsourcing companies have been practicing this until now. Its evolution is one of the most significant influence that people in the industry must follow and be kept updated from.